Liselotte in May – absurd two-hander comedy

Rita Sigmond and Alex Gatstramb

Liselotte in May, written by Zsolt Pozsgai, is a bittersweet absurd comedy about a gentle, lonely heart.
Love is blind...and in this case melodramatic, depressing, paranoid, clumsy, deranged and disturbed. Liselotte, a woman in her thirties has been caring for an elderly lady for a great many years, and now that her ward is deceased and , she realizes that the years are passing her by without a partner, and she desperately tries to find true love in an effort to give her life meaning. Through no fault of her own, each of her prospective partners dies on the first date.

The uniqueness of the story comes from how a woman tries to fight her loneliness by any means necessary. Liselotte's increasingly absurd actions make the story very colorful in terms of tone and message by its bittersweet irony, the tragic comedy and the relatable misery and helplessness one goes through in this kind of emotional journey.

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Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £12, £15

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Suitable for ages: 14 and over

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12 August 6.00pm

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Full: £12

Conc: £10

13 August 5.00pm

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Full: £12

Conc: £10

22 August 9.00pm

The Cockpit

Full: £15

Conc: £12


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