Lili, the Chinese Girl, Not Lily – A New Musical (*sort of)

Feifei Xiang

Meet Lili, a Chinese international student turned perfume store employee, as she navigates the twists and turns of fate. One day, she inexplicably got into a fight(?) with Cam, a fellow service industry worker. Strangely enough, they ended up living together. They both empathized with each other's experiences in this industry, supporting each other, (despite cultural conflicts and petty quarrels), appearing to embody the image of a beautiful romance. But as Lili's visa nears its expiration, turmoil brews, casting a shadow over their once harmonious existence(??) and throwing Lili’s life into disarray...

Creative Team:
Producer, Writer & Actor: Feifei Xiang
Composer: Yinhe Tao
Associate Director: Xiaowen Xu
Set Designer: Jessica(Wenjing) Ji

Event Details

Genre: Musical

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £15

Social Media

Instagram h_ui.feifei


Suitable for ages: 12 and over

World premiere

See venue page for accessibility information.

5 August 2024 7.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £15

6 August 2024 9.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £15


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