Life Flash

Juice/Jason Tang/Ayisha Mi/Virginia Poli/Music&Dance ensemble

Life Flash (2023) interprets what one could potentially see, hear and feel in the final moments of life. Integrating sound, poetry and performance, the 45-minute immersive showcase invites the audience to reimagine memories and choices when life flashes before their eyes.

The showcase revolves around the 4-channel sound art piece, composed from a collection of 100 poems in 26 languages. Recorded mostly with strangers on the streets, these poems shared a consistent theme of redemption – joy and grief, love and death, confinement and acceptance.

The sound art, arranged in diverse timbres, began with polyphonic high pitches before gradually shifting towards extremely low tones. Navigating between the multitude of frequencies, the performers feel and react through improvised body movements and facial expressions.

Spinning and spiralling, Life Flash represents the final intensity of living in this transient space before words, voices and emotions cease to exist together.

Event Details

Genre: Physical Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £6

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TikTok: ayishami213

Instagram lifeflash2023

YouTube Performance Art:Life Flash 2023



Might contains Flashing lights and loud voices

Suitable for ages: 12 and over

Audience interaction

Language no problem

See venue page for accessibility information.

Accessibility Rider

12 August 4.00pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £6

Conc: £5

12 August 9.00pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £6

Conc: £5


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