Fickle Weather

Cerys Salkeld Green

"The last figure in this ghost city,

Is a body cloaked in womanhood

Awakening from slumber

Decomposing and recomposing as



As a waxen façade clings to bones."

What happens when the world as you know it disappears, and you are left to navigate a new reality whilst also reconciling with your past?

Fickle Weather is a nonlinear science fiction exploration which is part gig, part theatre show. A lone figure wakes up after an environmental disaster to a world that seems to be a twisted reflection of the place that they fell asleep in.

Inspired by theoretical ideas of queer time, cyber feminism and utopias, Fickle Weather explores how a body can exist in a world seemingly not built for them. How can this lonely figure reconcile with their past? How can we find joy, and dance through the mundanity of everyday life?

Both darkly playful and vulnerable, Fickle Weather examines the relationship between environmental destruction, capitalist structures and patriarchy, and their effects on a queer/feminised body.

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Genre: New Writing

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Suitable for ages: 14 and over


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