Dylan Dodds and Friends 2: (Friends Still Not Included)

Dylan Dodds / Torn To Ribbons

Eight years ago, Dylan Dodds asked himself a question. “Could he BE any more ridiculous?” The answer, it turns out, was yes. As he was the same age as the characters in Friends, he started blogging about the show every fortnight. He wondered: How have things changed since the 90s? How does his life compare to Friends? And is the show still even any good??

Join Dylan as he grapples with how his life has (and hasn’t) changed. See how he feels as friends move on, get married, and have kids. And that’s just in the sitcom! Find out about all the Friends related coincidences that happened, and the time he got a tattoo just because Friends told him to.

It's a feel good show that examines the problems currently facing people in their 30s: How do you build a family and move forward when suddenly everything stands still?

It’s a joke-packed hour that works equally well for both Friends fans and ordinary comedy punters looking for something a little different. When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your decade... What do you do? Blog about it. Obviously.

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Genre: Comedy

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