Do you remember that this is the play I was telling you about

Penny Klein, Michael Jempeji, Lynn Grandinetti & Piero Grandinetti in:

'Do You Remember That This Is The Play I Was Telling You About' is the leading question in the run up to this visceral production of a show where we take a unique journey into the lives & minds of these 4 performers to see what happens when they delve into their inner most kept secrets. Will a key arrive to unlock a door into a special place where their own worlds collide with each other & nothing is quite as it seems. You will need to book to find out

Written & Performed by Actor & Clown, Piero Grandinetti, Performance Artist & Actor, Penny Klein, Actor, Michael Jempeji & Ballroom & Latin Dancer, Lynn Grandinetti

Expect a surreal & mischievous storyline which crosses multiple boundaries, high energy along with some unexpected twists, turns & there has got to be a dance.

There is guaranteed to be lots of laughter, music, mystery & suspense in this feel good extravaganza of a show.

If you enjoyed the antics of Psychoville or Inside No: 9 then you are going to love this.

Playing at the Hen & Chickens Theatre on the 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th August @ 21:00

So book now, discover the secrets within, & take a ride with us to another place on this flying space ship we call the Earth.

Event Details

Genre: Comedy

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Twitter: @ malcom_is_here

Instagram piero.grandinetti/


Sudden blackouts & some dark content about death & the after life
Low level lighting.
Flashing lights
Loud bangs
Mild Swearing
Age suitability: 16+ & over.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

World premiere


See venue page for accessibility information.


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