Close Enough

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'Believe me, no English teacher can ever prepare you for that: a British white man talking in his native accent!'

Close Enough is an autobiographical solo performance about belonging that challenges stereotypes around immigrant women from Eastern Europe.

The piece is based on real-life experiences of actress Cristina Varga, who moved to the UK 3 months before Brexit. With a comedic approach, Cristina shines light on the diversity and different dynamics between the two cultures that she is now part of: Romania and UK.

With the use of original live music, Close Enough tackles subjects and stereotypes from both cultures such as the world-famous British politeness and the infamous stigma of being a morally-questionable Eastern European immigrant.

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 50 mins

Price: £10

Social Media

Facebook: cristina.varga.56

Twitter: CristinavVarga

Instagram cristina.vargaa


Trigger and Content Warnings: Flashing lights, loud music, strong language, discussions around immigration

Suitable for ages: 14 and over

See venue page for accessibility information.

Accessibility Rider

2 August 2024 5.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £10

Conc: £8

3 August 2024 5.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £10

Conc: £8


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