Bulgarians 101

Ralitsa Nikolova

"Where is Bulgaria, is that in Africa?" If you've ever asked this question, then this show is for you.
I promise, there will be no theft in the theatre for the duration of the show.
Oh, and I hope you can understand English with Bulgarian accent.

Event Details

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 50 mins

Price: £12

Social Media

Facebook: profile.php?id=100092961559870

Twitter: @ LarkspurNik

Web: https://www.larkspurnikolova.com


Trigger warning: This show is strictly for people who share an appreciation for comedy, don't get triggered easily and have a great sense of humour.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

Audience interaction

See venue page for accessibility information.

Accessibility Rider

4 August 4.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £12

5 August 4.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £12

6 August 4.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £12


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