Maxwell The Bubbleologist

Step into a Bubble Universe of pure bubble magic with Bubblelicious! Join Maxwell the Bubbleologist, a
master hand bubble artist, on an enchanting journey filled with shimmering spheres and mesmerizing liquid skills.
It's not just a show, but a medative and sensory journey that educates and enthralls, tickling your senses and sparking a childlike curiosity in your soul. Perfect for families yearning for shared wonder and adults seeking unexpected joy. Dive into an effervescent adventure that transcends age! Don't let this bubble burst—book your tickets today for an unforgettable "Bubblelicious" experience.

Event Details

Genre: Magic

Social Media

Facebook: Maxwell.the.bubbleologist

Instagram maxwell.the.bubbleologist

YouTube @psychedelicsoapshow

Web: www.bubbleman.org


Suitable for ages: Kids

Audience interaction

Language no problem

See venue page for accessibility information.


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