An Obviously Very Sad Play

Obviously A Theatre Company

Good Morrow,

I am sure one has been made aware of the Obviously Very Sad news...

Philip Albert Montgomery Julian David Gordon Theadore Reginald Archibald Septimus Spanker, the highly-esteemed aristocrat has passed away.

As his closest companion, you are hereby invited to the event of the season...

His Wake!

Watch the chaos unfold, as the Obviously Very Sad Spanker heirs celebrate their fathers life... and maybe discuss the will...

Julien (the eldest brother) informs his siblings he is going to take the majority of the inheritance for his heavily pregnant "girlfriend". This news along with a drugged up sister, another in a failed marriage and a brother who has escaped from the west wing can only lead to one thing... complete and utter carnage.

An Obviously Very Sad Play is an interactive, slapstick comedy. From personalised name tags, to audience letters and a few special surprises, you decide how much you wish to participate!

It is Obviously a funeral, so you are encouraged to wear black but it is not a requirement.

Event Details

Genre: Play

Duration: 50 mins

Price: £15

Social Media

Twitter: @ obviouslyatc1

TikTok: obviouslyatc

Instagram obviouslyatc


Content Warnings: Drug Abuse, Alcohol Use, Murder, Swearing, Audience Interaction and Sexual References

General Note: Interactive Play with voluntary participation

Suitable for ages: 16 and over


Audience interaction

See venue page for accessibility information.

14 August 7.00pm

The Cockpit

Full: £15

Conc: £12

15 August 7.00pm

The Cockpit

Full: £15

Conc: £12


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