Absurdocles: An Improvised Greek Tragedy

Absurdocles: An Improvised Greek Tragedy

Absurdocles is the greatest Greek Tragedy never told. This hour-long improvised comedy show explores themes of love, loss, pride, power and the fraught relationship between gods and mortals. And just like the deity Gelos, it has the power to make you laugh your sandals off.
No need to be a Classics scholar, though – the madcap characters, ingenious plots and general mayhem of Absurdocles are for everyone. All the audience needs to do is provide three simple suggestions and the cast will create a gripping tale culminating in an important yet nonsensical moral.

Entirely improvised, the show is different every single time. You might see the god of toes tormenting a Woking-based CEO one night and a doomed love story between two taxidermists the next. Whatever unfolds, it’ll be epic. Join us for an evening that’ll leave you feeling as high as Mount Olympus.

Cast: Sarah Kempton, Miztli Rose, Sasha Brown, Lora Hristova, Greg Baxter, Miriam Craig, Victoria Beardwood, Sam Burkett, Chris Ryan, Laura Rogers, Alex Bradbury, Anis Qizilbash, Nadir Farsani and Peter Breen.

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Genre: Comedy

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Suitable for ages: 18+


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