Camden Fringe

30th July - 26th August 2018

Mosaic Theatre Company

Trench Kiss


Trench Kiss

Sally and Jim are on holiday in Flanders. Jim wanted to go to Belgium to fulfill his obsession with the First World War and to figure out the unknown fate of his grandfather. Whilst Sally and Jim are looking at gravestones Sally is confronted by Jasper Everly. Jasper seems odd. The way he speaks and the clothes he wears; there's something not quite right about Jasper - but what?
This play has a interesting twist that makes it heartwarming and hilariously funny.

Trench Kiss is a short one-act play with three actors. So if you want to have a laugh, welcome to Mosaic Theatre Company's performance of Trench Kiss.

The Lion and Unicorn


Wed 9 Aug 2017 5:00pm £10.00
Thu 10 Aug 2017 5:00pm £10.00
Fri 11 Aug 2017 5:00pm £10.00
Sat 12 Aug 2017 5:00pm £10.00
Sun 13 Aug 2017 7:45pm £10.00
Mon 14 Aug 2017 7:45pm £10.00
Tue 15 Aug 2017 7:45pm £10.00
Wed 16 Aug 2017 5:00pm £10.00
Thu 17 Aug 2017 5:00pm £10.00
Fri 18 Aug 2017 5:00pm £10.00
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