Camden Fringe

30th July - 26th August 2018

Adaptable Theatre

Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions


Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions

Adapted from a short story by Charles Dickens.
Doctor Marigold is a character that Dickens invented for himself to perform to the crowds that flocked to see him live on his British and American tours. Marigold, a Victorian peddler travels the country selling wares from a horse drawn cart.
He tells us of his life and adventures on the road and how he adopted a young girl who could neither hear nor speak. Audiences are mesmerised as Marigold explains how he devotes his life to ensuring that the girl, Sophie, is educated and cared for. Saying anymore would give too much away.
The play is gripping, funny and moving. The plot twists and turns as the story is delivered through Dickensian banter and sales patter.
An extraordinary one man show.

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Tue 8 Aug 2017 7:30pm £8.00
Wed 9 Aug 2017 7:30pm £8.00
Thu 10 Aug 2017 7:30pm £8.00
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