Camden Fringe

31st July - 27th August 2017

Barnes Community Players

Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch

Part satire, part parody and hugely funny, Neighbourhood Watch is classic Ayckbourn. It rivets attention throughout and is as perceptive as it is entertaining. The play was written in 2010 and first performed in August 2011. Its theme of the middle classes' fear of feral youth seemed uncannily prescient as English cities were, in that month, being set ablaze by disillusioned rioters.
The Bluebell Hill Neighbourhood Watch group's solution of building a high fence to keep the unruly neighbours at bay seems now, in 2017, to closely mirror one of the first actions of the new US President!
"Wonderful. The show was a riot! I was uproariously drunk on the quality of performance and the splendid humour in the script" William Mortimer Review.

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The Lion and Unicorn


Sat 12 Aug 2017 2:00pm £10.00
Sun 13 Aug 2017 2:00pm £10.00
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